Best 25 Freelance Movie Poster Artists for Hire: Elevate Your Movie Poster Design with Top-notch Freelance Poster Designers

A great movie poster can make all the difference when it comes to promoting your film and creating buzz among audiences. But finding the right artist to create that perfect poster can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the best movie poster artists for hire in the industry today.

From classic illustrators to digital artists, there are many talented individuals who specialize in creating movie posters that capture the essence of your film and grab people’s attention. We’ll explore their styles, techniques, and portfolios to help you find the perfect match for your design projects.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, studio executive, or marketing professional in the film industry, this guide is designed to help you navigate the world of movie poster design and find an artist who can bring your vision to life. So let’s dive in and discover some of the top movie poster artists working today!

Best 25 Expert Movie Poster Artists for Hire

If you’re looking for the best freelance poster designers for hire, then take a look at some of the top movie poster artists in the industry. These talented graphic designers are experts in creating visually stunning and compelling poster designs that capture the essence of a film’s story and genre.

We have categorized all the artists based on the quality of their work. You will find the top-rated and expert poster artists listed first, followed by artists at the 2nd level, 1st level, and a selection of talented and affordable new artists, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

Top Freelance Poster Designers

1) Lahiru Nirmal


Lahiru Nirmal is an experienced and top-rated seller on Fiverr, offering a range of graphic design services including movie poster design.

With more than 900 five-star reviews and an average response time of just one hour, Lahiru is a skilled and reliable designer.

He specializes in creating eye-catching digital artwork that can make your movie stand out from the crowd. Lahiru has experience in using popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, providing customers with high-quality designs that meet their unique needs.

Lahiru’s portfolio showcases his expertise, demonstrating his attention to detail and creativity in the projects he has worked on. If you need a captivating movie poster that can entice your audience, look no further than Lahiru Nirmal’s services.

Services Offered by Lahiru Nirmal:

  1. I will design professional movie posters and film posters for you
  2. I will do professional quality music poster design, event and movie poster
  3. I will design an amazing mixtape single cover album artwork
  4. I will do amazing photo manipulation and photo retouch

2) Stephen Gilliam


Stephen Gilliam is a TOP RATED Seller on Fiverr with over 1,000 five-star reviews, and movie poster design expert.

As an indie filmmaker and graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience, Stephen is skilled in creating compelling and captivating movie posters that can convey the theme of your film.

His portfolio showcases a variety of stunning designs that he has created for different types of movies. Stephen is proficient in using popular design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, allowing him to create high-quality, customized best movie poster design that meet his clients’ specific needs.

Whether you need a unique poster art piece based on your imagination or a movie poster for your next film, Stephen has the skills and experience to deliver stunning designs that will leave a powerful impression on your audience.

With an average response time of just 2 hours, you can be sure that Stephen will deliver your project in a timely manner while maintaining his commitment to quality.

Services Offered by Stephen Gilliam:

  1. I will design a movie poster for you
  2. I will create art based on your imagination

3) Sid Tabar


Sid Tabar is a TOP RATED graphic designer, illustrator, and brand strategist on Fiverr with eight years of experience in the industry.

Sid’s skills and experience enable him to design clean and creative movie posters that are sure to make your film stand out. His list of services includes creating custom and unique minimal movie posters that are professional and eye-catching.

Sid is proficient in using popular design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, allowing him to create authentic and creative designs that suit his clients’ specific needs.

Apart from creating top movie poster designs, Sid offers services in branding, illustration, logo design, photo editing, and flyer design. His education in creative advertising from the University of San Carlos speaks to his commitment to creating effective graphic designs.

If you’re looking for a professional and unique movie poster design, Sid Tabar is the designer on Fiverr you can trust.

Services Offered by Sid Tabar :

  1. I will create a professional unique minimal movie poster
  2. I will make a professional unique clean wordmark logo
  3. I will design a professional unique business poster flyer

4) Mothra Studio


Mothra Studio is a TOP RATED Seller on Fiverr that specializes in creating unique and captivating illustrations, especially within the horror genre.

With over 450 five-star reviews and an average response time of just 1 hour, Mothra Studio is a reliable and experienced designer. As a lover of music and film, they have a passion for creating artwork inspired by movies that tell a story and engage with the viewer.

Their list of services includes creating various types of custom illustrations such as fun, horror, social, feminist kids, and game posters, book covers, T-shirts, album covers, and typography that suit their clients’ needs. Mothra Studio’s skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, drawing, and graphic design enable them to deliver high-quality designs.

With their education in visual arts, you can be assured that Mothra Studio understands how to create unique and stunning movie poster designs that will engage your audience.

If you’re looking for an illustrator who can bring your vision to life and effectively communicate the theme of your film, Mothra Studio is the designer for you.

Services Offered by Mothra Studio:

  1. I will make illustration fun,horror poster,movies,book,tshirt,etc
  2. I will make art font typography horror, funny, cartoon, zombie
  3. I will illustration,poster, album cover, book cover,etc on time
  4. I will make flash vector illustration design for your brand

5) Abdul Hafeez


Abdul Hafeez is a TOP RATED Seller on Fiverr with 15 years of experience as a graphic designer and web developer. His portfolio showcases his expertise in creating traditional and new creative graphics that are effective and of high quality.

One of the services he offers is designing awesome movie posters that convey the theme of the film. His skills in Adobe Photoshop and graphic design make him capable of designing professional flyers, eBook covers, and movie posters that capture the attention of your target audience.

Furthermore, Abdul also provides a service where he can convert your photo into a movie poster art, giving it a dramatic and cinema-worthy feel.

His educational background in computer science from Karachi University and his passion in designing clean and smart works shows his dedication in providing quality service to his clients.

With an average response time of just one hour, Abdul is committed to delivering his work in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re seeking to elevate the marketing of your film through an amazing movie poster design, Abdul Hafeez is an experienced designer on Fiverr that you can rely on.

Services Offered by Abdul Hafeez:

  1. I will make awesome movie poster
  2. I will design professional flyer,ebook cover, movie poster
  3. I will convert your photo to movie poster
  4. I will do any graphic design works
  5. I will make professional book covers and ebook covers
  6. I will design a professional logo
  7. I will remove or change any background professionally
  8. I will design fb cover, banner,header, social media cover
  9. I will make professional business logo design with copyrights
  10. I will place your photo onto a beautiful frame

6) A. Yoga Pk


Are you in need of an artist who can create the poster for your next film project? Look no further than A. Yoga Pk, a TOP RATED Seller on Fiverr who has over 10 years of experience as a professional illustrator and painter.

They offer exclusively high-quality and original illustrations, including designing movie posters for events, concerts, and films. With skills in hand drawing, graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, A. Yoga Pk can create detailed and eye-catching illustrations for CD covers, album covers, and posters.

Furthermore, they also offer their services in t-shirt design, tattoo design, skateboard design, and more. From creepy and horror illustrations to scifi and mecha designs, A. Yoga Pk has an array of unique and stylish art styles that will suit any film genre or event.

With over 400 five-star reviews and an average response time of 1 hour, A. Yoga Pk is a reliable and experienced designer that you can trust for making amazing movie posters.

Services Offered by A. Yoga Pk:

  1. I will do awesome artwork for dark art, horror, creepy illustration
  2. I will design t shirt for a band and merch
  3. I will illustrate movie posters, concerts and events poster
  4. I will draw a detailed cd album cover
  5. I will design awesome skateboard with detailed handrawn
  6. I will create vintage logo with handdrawn illustration style
  7. I will draw creepy zombie character
  8. I will draw a enhanced hand drawn for coloring book pages
  9. I will do cannabis, hemp, weed, psychedelic design for your tshirt
  10. I will draw badass character figure from your brief
  11. I will illustrate anime, cartoon, manga, fan art in my art style
  12. I will make enhanced details vector illustration
  13. I will make your portrait become amazing illustration
  14. I will do amazing car warps, truck warps with vector illustration
  15. I will draw tarot cards and any cards with high quality details
  16. I will illustrate scifi cyberpunk, mecha with my art style

7) Raja Graphics


Raja Graphics is a TOP RATED Seller on Fiverr with a team of professional graphic designers who have over five years of experience in creating unique and modern designs.

They offer a range of services, including making digital logos, designing book covers, t-shirt designs, and more. If you’re looking for a designer to create a captivating movie poster, Raja Graphics has got you covered.

With skills in Adobe Photoshop and graphic design, they can design a poster that is minimal, clean, and modern, making it stand out from other posters. They aim to create unique designs tailored to your brand with the goal of leaving a lasting impression.

Raja Graphics has received over 1000 five-star reviews, a testament to their outstanding design capabilities and customer service. Additionally, with an average response time of just one hour, they are committed to delivering quality and timely designs to their clients.

If you’re looking for a professional and creative designer to create a stunning and best poster, Raja Graphics is the team you can rely on.

Services Offered by Raja Graphics:

  1. I will make digital logo for you
  2. I will make a book cover or movie poster
  3. I will do trendy t shirt design within 48hrs
  4. I will create a professional book cover
  5. I will design eye catching flyer poster cover

8) Daniel Vincent


Are you in search of a designer who can create captivating daydream illustrations for your movie poster? Look no further than the TOP RATED seller, Daniel Vincent, on Fiverr.

With over 15 years of experience in visual arts, and having worked for advertising agencies and magazine publishers, Daniel has honed his skills and is now a full-time freelancer. His passion for illustrating has taken him to quiet places around the world where he finds inspiration from nature.

His signature style is an energetic and fluid vector illustration, which he offers as a service on Fiverr along with complex and bold illustrations. Daniel also provides an array of movie poster design services, including illustrated posters for films and ludic posters for movies, both of which bring a whimsical and playful touch.

Moreover, he can create album covers using collage and energetic posters that catch the viewer’s eye. With over 100 five-star reviews, Daniel is committed to providing his clients with top-quality designs that capture their vision and that they are satisfied with.

If you’re seeking a professional and creative designer for your movie poster, Daniel Vincent is a Fiverr seller you can trust.

Services Offered by Daniel Vincent:

  1. I will create a fluid and energetic vector illustration
  2. I will create a complex, fluid and energetic illustration
  3. I will create a daydream illustration for you
  4. I will create a bold illustration for your album cover
  5. I will illustrated a energetic poster for you
  6. I will illustrate a ludic poster for your movie
  7. I will create an amazing album cover using collage

Level 2  – Movie Poster Designer

1) Kalmati Studio


If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced graphic designer to create amazing movie posters, Kalmati Studio is a Fiverr seller you should consider.

With over 10 years of experience in print and digital media, Kalmati Studio is a LEVEL TWO Seller from Pakistan. Their services include designing product catalogs, booklet and pro magazine layouts, and any graphic design work that you might need.

They specialize in creating high-quality movie posters and have completed more than 1K projects for both small and large corporations across the world. In addition, they also offer services in creating flyers, brochures, newsletters, booklets, and business cards.

With proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, Kalmati Studio can design posters and other marketing materials tailored to your requirements, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Having received over 1K reviews and an average response time of just one hour, you can trust Kalmati Studio to deliver top-quality designs that meet your expectations. So, whether it’s for a film or your next promotional event, Kalmati Studio will help you create a stunning poster that sets you apart from the crowd.

Services Offered by Kalmati Studio:

  1. I will design movie poster, film poster, poster design, posters
  2. I will design product catalog, booklet and pro magazine layout
  3. I will do any graphic design work
  4. I will create your poster according to imdb and amazon key art

2)  Asym Haroon


Asym Haroon is a graphic designer who offers amazing poster design services. His skills include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and logo designing as well as movie posters for events like concerts or festivals with character designs that are sure to impress attendees! He also has experience in making pro type webbanners which make it easy for clients to find him online without having them physically visit the studio first (eg: Facebook).

Another great service offered by Asym includes creating professional websites using Figma AIDAXU UX software while still maintaining high quality graphics output on projects such as blog posts etc. This ensures your website looks polished yet visually appealing regardless of whether you’re looking at print media or digital art prints (such as flyers)

Aside from these offerings, Asym can do any photo editing work within 24 hours through Fiverr itself so customers always have their artwork ready when they need help. Additionally, his ability to create stunning Christmas banners filled with festive images will surely be appreciated during holiday season occasions too since this shows off creativity outside traditional formats furthermore

Services Offered by Asym Haroon:

  1. I will design movie poster, event poster character posters for u
  2. I will do any type of photo editing work with in a day
  3. I will make pro type webbanner,header,ad,cover
  4. I will design amazing christmas poster for you
  5. I will design professional logo for you
  6. I will do figma adobe xd UI UX for website design and landing page

3) Rising67 Studio


Rising67 Studio is a LEVEL TWO Seller from Indonesia that offers a full-service illustration studio experience, catering primarily to the entertainment industry.

Apart from entertainment, their services extend to a wide range of independent and corporate clients as well. You can access a range of services from Rising67 Studio, including print & poster design, custom illustrations, packaging design, apparel design, and custom portrait design.

If you’re looking for quality poster designs, Rising67 Studio offers a variety of services, including stylized and illustrated posters for movies and gig events. They can also create semi-realist character designs for your game art.

Additionally, they offer custom digital painting portraits for wall art, and wpap portraits that offer great visual impact. They are skilled in vector tracing, painting, photo editing, graphic design, poster designing, and digital painting.

With over 1K reviews and an average response time of one hour, Rising67 Studio is sure to provide top-quality designs that meet your expectations. If you’re looking for a reliable and creative illustration studio to create professional poster designs or any other type of creative artwork, Rising67 Studio is a Fiverr seller to consider.

Services Offered by Rising67 Studio:

  1. I will do a fantastic wpap portrait
  2. I will custom apparel merchandise illustration for your brand
  3. I will make an awesome stylized illustrated movie poster
  4. I will custom semi realist character design for your game art
  5. I will make awesome custom digital painting portrait for wall art
  6. I will custom illustrated gig poster design for music event

4) Joseph V M


If you’re in search of a talented and skilled graphic designer to create your movie, short film, or documentary posters, Joseph V M is a Fiverr seller to consider.

As a LEVEL TWO Seller from India with over 365 reviews and a 5-star rating, Joseph V M is a multimedia graduate from Kerala, India. They are experienced in designing and offer a wide range of services such as graphic design, video editing, translation, and typing services related to Malayalam.

They are proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer and cater to designing YouTube banner art, Instagram stories, and pro-podcast covers. An additional unique service they offer is sending postcards from Kerala, India, as a for-fun gig.

You can also rely on Joseph V M for designing eye-catching posters for your movies, short films, or documentaries. They provide quality and professional poster designs that attract the attention of your target audience.

What’s more, Joseph V M offers precise subtitle syncing and proofreading and editing of Malayalam texts. With their expertise, they can deliver top-quality designs that meet your requirements.

Considering their excellent Fiverr profile ratings and an average response time of one hour, Joseph V M can deliver timely and top-quality designs that match your expectations.

Services Offered by Joseph V M:

  1. I will design a stunning poster for your movie, short film or docu
  2. I will translate english to malayalam and vice versa
  3. I will design youtube channel art
  4. I will design awesome instagram stories
  5. I will add precisely synced malayalam or english subtitles to your video
  6. I will proofread and edit malayalam text
  7. I will type your malayalam handwriting
  8. I will send 2 postcards from kerala, india to anyone anywhere
  9. I will design an eye catching pro podcast cover

5) Raluca A.


Raluca A. is a visual storyteller who specializes in creating eye-catching and professional movie posters. As a LEVEL TWO seller with 325 reviews and a 5-star rating, Raluca A. offers a range of creative services using their skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, graphic design, logo design, graphic editing, photo manipulation, and Photoshop editing.

You can take advantage of their premium quality and custom-made movie poster design services. Additionally, Raluca A. can deliver minimalist logo design, high-quality movie posters, and covers as well as brochure and flyer design in high quality.

They are also skilled in designing horror and thriller movie posters that can capture the essence of your movie. If you need product placement manipulations or product photo lifestyle or background changes, Raluca A. can provide that too.

With Raluca A.’s expertise and excellent Fiverr profile ratings, they can deliver timely and top-quality designs that match your requirements.

Although their average response time is two hours, Raluca A. ensures client satisfaction by providing professional and detailed designs that meet their clients’ needs.

If you’re looking for a skilled visual storyteller along with artist and illustrator to create stunning movie posters and other design services, Raluca A. is a Fiverr seller to consider.

Services Offered by Raluca A.:

  1. I will design a premium movie poster, film poster
  2. I will design a minimalist logo for you
  3. I will design brochures, flyers and epks in high quality
  4. I will design high quality movie posters and covers
  5. I will design a horror movie poster, thriller movie poster
  6. I will design product placement manipulations
  7. I will design product photo lifestyle or background change

6) Gambar Corek


Gambar Corek is a versatile illustrator based in Indonesia who offers a range of creative services using their skills in sketch drawing, digital painting, watercolor illustration, line drawing, and more.

With over 425 reviews and an impressive 4.9-star rating on Fiverr, Gambar Corek offers unique and captivating artwork, ranging from retro vintage art, dark art, and ornamental pieces to fine art, anime/manga, cartoons, and caricatures. You can also rely on their skills for poster designs such as movie poster designs.

Gambar Corek offers illustrated hand-drawn style designs that can give your poster a unique and captivating look. Additionally, they provide horror illustration, children’s book illustration, 2D illustration, animals illustration and more creative services using Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and other tools.

If you need T-shirt designs, game art, mixtape cover designs, or captivating cards, Gambar Corek has the skill set to deliver quality designs to meet your needs.

What’s more, their average response time is one hour, and they are fluent in both English and Indonesian. Ultimately, with their skills and experience, Gambar Corek can bring your creative vision to life and provide designs that leave an everlasting impact on your target audience.

Services Offered by Gambar Corek:

  1. I will drawing super artistic, mixtape cover, line art, and tshirt design illustration
  2. I will design line art illustration with my realistic style
  3. I will make streetwear design for your brand
  4. I will create super artistic illustration in american comic style

7) Posterartstudio


Posterartstudio is a Fiverr seller that specializes in designing movie posters to help filmmakers achieve successful poster campaigns. With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, Posterartstudio is a LEVEL TWO Seller from Pakistan. Their prime aim is to assist filmmakers in creating posters that effectively communicate the essence of their movies and engage their target audience.

They are skilled in Adobe Photoshop, digital art, color grading, photo manipulation, compositing, poster design, image retouching, and book cover design. Their education includes a certificate in multimedia from Karachi University, Pakistan, graduated in 2014.

You can benefit from their skills through their services, which include designing minimal and eye-catching landscape movie posters and traditional posters for your film.

With an average response time of one hour, Posterartstudio ensures timely delivery of quality designs that meet your needs.

By relying on their expertise and experience, make your poster attractive and engaging movie poster that maximizes the success of your campaign.

Browse their portfolio for inspiration and see what they can offer you to take your film to the next level.

Services Offered by Posterartstudio:

  1. I will design a movie poster for your film
  2. I will design your minimal movie poster
  3. I will design an eyecatching landscape movie poster that guaranteed

8) Ronald


Ronald, also known as Zerologhy, is a LEVEL TWO Seller on Fiverr, offering quality services with an impressive 5-star rating from over 237 reviews.

Based in Venezuela, Ronald specializes in designing amazing movie posters that showcase your film in the best possible light. Furthermore, he has the expertise to create album cover designs, flyers, social media designs, digital art, photo manipulation, photo montage, and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.

Ronald’s education includes a degree in graphic design and a course in social media & advertising from Instituto Universitario de Tecnología “Antonio José de Sucre,” Venezuela.

You can count on Ronald’s skills to deliver graphics with a WOW factor that stands out among the crowd. You can also take advantage of his services to have a personal graphic designer or digital artist to work with for a month.

With an average response time of just one hour and fluency in both English and Spanish, Ronald makes communication easy and efficient.

So, if you need an amazing movie poster design or any other graphic design and digital art services, Ronald on Fiverr is a great choice to consider.

Services Offered by Ronald:

  1. I will design an amazing movie poster for you
  2. I will be your graphic designer or digital artist for a month

Level 1 – Movie Poster Designer

1) Gayan Gamage


Gayen Gamage is a professional graphic designer based in Sri Lanka with over 10 years of experience in the field.

With a strong emphasis on doing the job exactly how you want it, Gayen is a LEVEL ONE seller on Fiverr, boasting an impressive 5-star rating from 423 reviews.

Among his other skills, Gayen offers exceptional poster design services, including the creation of professional movie posters and film posters.

His portfolio showcases his remarkable ability to design eye-catching and visually appealing posters that grab the attention of viewers.

Whether you need a poster for a new film or want to revamp an existing design, Gayen’s skill with graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator enables him to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

With an average response time of just one hour and fluency in both English and Sinhala, communication with Gayen is effortless, making the design process straightforward and angst-free.

He is committed to delivering quality designs that exceed your expectations, ensuring you get value for your money. Choose Gayen Gamage for all your poster design needs to get stunning results.

Services Offered by Gayan Gamage:

  1. I will design professional movie posters and film posters

2) Samiha I


Samiha I is a LEVEL ONE Seller on Fiverr, offering professional movie poster design services that are visually appealing and guaranteed to stand out.

Based in Bangladesh, Samiha has received 72 reviews with 5-star ratings, a testament to their talent and commitment to delivering quality work.

As a professionally trained and certified graphic designer with skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Samiha can offer a range of poster design services, including minimalist book cover design, podcast cover art, YouTube thumbnail design, and logo design, among others.

Moreover, Samiha is skilled in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a plus for those interested in animated posters or videos.

Samiha’s fluency in multiple languages, including English, Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu, makes communication efficient and effective, and their average response time of one hour ensures that clients receive timely responses.

Working with Samiha is an opportunity to explore creativity, challenge conventions and create something cool together. If you need a unique and captivating movie poster design, consider hiring Samiha for exceptional results.

Services Offered by Samiha I:

  1. I will create a professional movie poster design, film poster
  2. I will create minimalist book cover , e book cover design
  3. I will design a kids book cover or children book cover for you
  4. I will provide svg design bundle for your etsy shop and others
  5. I will do professional podcast cover art, podcast cover design
  6. I will design amazing youtube thumbnail design
  7. I will be your professional youtube video editors for video editing
  8. I will design a portrait based podcast cover art for you
  9. I will design a unique movie poster design, film poster

3) Bywibi


Bywibi is a professional illustrator with unique skills in creating vintage retro illustrations and dark art illustrations that stand out.

Based in Indonesia, Bywibi is a LEVEL ONE Seller on Fiverr with 56 five-star reviews, indicating their talent and dedication in providing quality and satisfying services to clients.

As a badass illustrator with over ten years of experience in the creative industry, Bywibi specializes in various designs, including t-shirt illustrations, posters, tattoos, album covers for bands, and brands, among others.

With years of experience, Bywibi can assure you that your project is in safe hands, and the result will exceed all your expectations.

Additionally, Bywibi’s fluency in English and prompt one-hour response time ensures efficient communication, allowing you to get your project done in record time.

Bywibi’s list of services includes drawing vintage retro illustrations for movie posters and gigs, as well as dark art album cover illustration, all delivered to you with exceptional quality.

So, if you need unique and captivating poster designs, hire Bywibi and watch them transform your vision into reality.

Services Offered by bywibi:

  1. I will draw vintage retro illustration gigs and movie poster
  2. I will draw darkart album cover illustration

4) Aurora C


Aurora C is a talented Level One Seller on Fiverr who specializes in creating movie posters, graphics, and video editing. Based in Italy, Aurora is a 25-year-old movie poster designer who happens to be a filmmaker as well.

With their stunning designs, Aurora has garnered 277 five-star ratings on Fiverr. Their designs have also been featured in recognized film festivals such as Berlinale, AFI, SXSW, and Cannes selected films, a testament to their skill and talent.

With fluency in multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, and German, Aurora communicates effectively with clients to bring their vision to life.

As an expert in graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Aurora can design unique and professional movie posters that instantly capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Aurora also offers professional and unique video editing and post-production services that showcase their creativity and skills. In addition, Aurora can design a catchy and professional podcast cover art that aligns with your brand’s visual identity.

With a B.A. in multimedia design and a passion for creating stunning visuals, you can trust Aurora to deliver exceptional results.

Services Offered by Aurora C:

  1. I will design a unique, professional movie poster for your film
  2. I will do professional, unique video editing and post production
  3. I will design a catchy, professional podcast cover art

5) Maqsood A


Maqsood A is a LEVEL ONE Seller on Fiverr who specializes in creating premium-looking designs at an affordable price.

With 12+ years of experience as a professional graphics designer and a background in computer science, Maqsood has developed a unique set of skills that allows him to create stunning minimalist posters and logos. With an average response time of just one hour, working with him is always timely and efficient.

As a skilled user of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Maqsood can create minimalist movie posters, artworks, and HQ minimalist poster designs that are guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention.

With a portfolio available for clients to browse, you can check out his past projects and see how his skills can translate into your unique needs.

Whether you need a minimalist poster, iconic poster,  or a creative logo, Maqsood can deliver exceptional results. So, if you’re looking for great designs at an excellent price, don’t hesitate to send Maqsood a message and get started on your project today.

Services Offered by Maqsood A:

  1. I will create minimalist movie poster or artwork
  2. I will create HQ minimalist poster design

6) Udara Sisikalum


Udara Sisikalum is a highly skilled graphic designer from Sri Lanka who has amassed over 6 years of experience in the field.

Specializing in Adobe Photoshop editing with a focus on photo manipulation, poster design, and flyer design, Udara is also skilled in Adobe Illustrator and offers professional book cover design, movie poster design, sports flyer design, and YouTube thumbnail design services.

As a LEVEL ONE Seller on Fiverr, Udara has earned an impressive 5-star rating from 55 satisfied customers, with an average response time of only one hour.

With a strong emphasis on clear communication, after-sales support, confidentiality, and 100% client satisfaction, Udara is committed to bringing each client’s vision to fruition with attention to detail and a creative eye.

Whether you need captivating social media banners, ads, or click-bait YouTube thumbnails, or any other design service, Udara’s expertise in graphic design will be sure to exceed your expectations.

So, if you’re in need of a top-notch graphic designer for your next project, look no further than Udara Sisikalum.

Services Offered by Udara Sisikalum:

  1. I will do amazing realistic photo manipulation
  2. I will make creative movie poster design, film poster
  3. I will do creative sports flyer design
  4. I will design professional social media banner, post, creative ads
  5. I will design attractive clickbait youtube thumbnail

New Talented And Affordable Movie Poster Designer

1) vito1245


Vito1245 is a talented and experienced Level One Seller on Fiverr who is passionate about designing compelling visual materials. As a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer, Vito1245 brings a unique creative perspective to each project.

With over 113 reviews and an impressive 4.9-star rating, you can trust Vito1245 to deliver excellent results. Graduated in graphic design from the high school of design and arts, Vito1245 specializes in designing movie and cinema posters and visuals to perfection.

Besides, Vito1245’s passion for photography allows him to take pictures beyond imagination in unusual ways. With fluency in English and Slovak, Vito1245 is highly communicative, ensuring every client’s needs are met effectively.

Vito1245’s skills with Adobe Photoshop are remarkable, making them an expert in photo designing, editing, and logo designing. Vito1245 also offers the unique service of editing photos into cinematic noir black and white, bringing an element of storytelling to the visuals.

Whether you need a movie poster, album cover artwork, or photo editing service, Vito1245 can deliver, so make sure to check out their portfolio and send a message to discuss your ideas and needs.

Services Offered by vito1245:

  1. I will make a movie poster of your choice
  2. I will make cover or artwork for your music album of any genre
  3. I will edit your photos into cinematic noir black and white

2) Salahuddin


Salahuddin is a talented graphic designer based in Pakistan who can help bring your creative visions to life. With over 4 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, Salahuddin is passionate about delivering high-quality design services to his clients.

His design services include movie poster design, book cover design, ebook cover design, KDP book cover, poster design, album cover design, and Photoshop design.

His services in designing unique film or movie posters are impressive and can help grab your audience’s attention. Additionally, he excels at book cover design, ensuring that your book cover catches the eye of potential readers.

Fluent in both English and Urdu, Salahuddin is an excellent communicator who can efficiently work with clients on their projects.

Whether you need a unique movie poster, a standout book cover, or any other design service, Salahuddin’s skills in graphic design and passion for the field make him an excellent candidate to take on your projects.

With an average response time of just one hour, Salahuddin is always ready to start working with you. So, don’t hesitate to contact him to discuss your design needs and let him help bring your vision to life.

Services Offered by Salahuddin:

  1. I will design a unique movie poster design, film poster
  2. I will do book cover design, ebook cover design, kdp book cover, book cover

3) Inkwiz


Inkwiz is a talented graphic designer who specializes in creating high-quality designs that capture the attention of audiences.

With a focus on attention to detail and a passion for design, Inkwiz offers a range of services that includes custom hoodie designs, book cover designs, logo designs, background removal, and movie/theater poster design.

Particularly notable is Inkwiz’s theater, movie, and events poster design services, which promise to make your event or production stand out from the rest.

Their ability to create eye-catching and unique logos makes them well-suited for business owners who are looking to build their brand identity.

In addition, Inkwiz can create custom designs for hoodies and remove objects, backgrounds, and people from pictures for a clean, polished final product.

With an average response time of just one hour, communication with Inkwiz is always efficient and timely.

So, whether you need an awesome and unique book cover or customization for your brand or event, or creating a movie poster Inkwiz’s skills in design and Adobe Photoshop make them an excellent choice to bring your vision to life. Contact Inkwiz today and get started on your personalized design.

Services Offered by Inkwiz:

  1. I will do theatre, movie and events poster design
  2. I will do eye catchy unique logo for you
  3. I will create unique design for hoodie custom design for hoodie
  4. I will remove object, background,people etc in picture
  5. I will create a awesome and unique book cover


When it comes to creating an eye-catching movie poster that captures the essence of your film, hiring a top freelance poster designer can make all the difference.

By working with a skilled and experienced designer, you can elevate your poster design and attract more viewers to your movie. With so many talented freelance designers available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your project.

However, by carefully considering factors such as their portfolio, style, and communication skills, you can find the perfect designer who will bring your vision to life. If you’re ready to make your poster design to the next level, consider hiring one of these top freelance designers today.

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FAQ for Movie Poster Artists

What is a movie poster?

A movie poster is a promotional image or graphic that is used to advertise a film. Typically, movie posters feature key elements of the film such as the title, cast, and release date, along with eye-catching visuals designed to capture the attention of potential viewers.
Movie posters can take many different forms, from simple designs featuring just the film’s title and a single image, to more elaborate designs that incorporate multiple images, taglines, and other creative elements. In addition to being used in theaters and other promotional settings, movie posters are also often collected by fans and enthusiasts as pieces of art or memorabilia.
Overall, the purpose of a movie poster is to generate interest and excitement for a film among its target audience.

Why are movie posters important?

Movie posters are an important part of the film industry, as they serve several key functions. First and foremost, movie posters help to advertise and promote movies to potential audiences. They often feature eye-catching designs and images that are meant to grab people’s attention and generate interest in the movie.
In addition to their promotional function, movie posters can also serve as works of art in their own right. Many famous artists and designers have created iconic movie posters over the years, from Saul Bass’s minimalist designs for Hitchcock films to Drew Struzan’s detailed illustrations for Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Finally, movie posters can also provide valuable information about the film itself, such as its title, cast, crew, and release date. They may also include quotes from critics or other information that can help viewers decide whether or not to see the movie.
Overall, movie posters play a crucial role in the film industry by helping to promote movies, create buzz and anticipation among audiences, and provide valuable information about films themselves.

Who are the movie poster design experts?

Movie poster design experts are professional graphic designers who have an in-depth understanding of movie marketing and branding. They possess unique skills in designing movie posters that effectively convey the essence of a movie and entice the audience to watch it.

Why should I hire a freelance poster designer?

Hiring a freelance poster designer allows you to access top-notch design talent from around the world, without the overheads associated with hiring an in-house designer. It also enables you to choose from a wide range of styles, experiences, and portfolios which, in turn, allows you to find an expert specific to your project requirements.
Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a freelance poster designer:
1. Specialized expertise: Freelance poster designers typically have specialized experience and expertise in creating posters that are visually appealing, eye-catching, and effective at communicating your message.
2. Cost-effective: Freelance designers often charge lower rates than design agencies or in-house designers, making them a cost-effective option for small businesses or individuals who need professional-quality designs on a budget.
3. Flexibility: Freelance designers can offer more flexibility when it comes to project timelines, deliverables, and revisions. They can often accommodate tight deadlines or last-minute changes to the design.
4. Personal attention: Hiring a freelance designer means you’ll work directly with the person creating your poster design, allowing for more personal attention and collaboration throughout the design process.
5. High-quality results: A skilled freelance designer can create a high-quality poster design that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your goals, whether it’s promoting an event or advertising a product.
Overall, working with a freelance poster designer can be a smart choice if you want to save money, get personalized attention, and achieve high-quality results for your project.

What should I look for in a freelance poster designer?

When hiring a freelance poster designer, it is important to look for skills such as knowledge of graphic design tools like Adobe software, typography, understanding of color schemes and color psychology, as well as excellent communication and coordination skills with the rest of the team. Additionally, the designer should have ample experience in the industry and a diverse portfolio showcasing various design styles and techniques.

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