Best 7 FiveM Experts for Your FiveM Project | FiveM Developers For Hire 2023

If you’re looking for freelance experts to help build your FiveM project, we’ve compiled a list of freelancers who specialize in different technology areas, so you can find the perfect expert for your project.

Moreover, each of them has a portfolio of projects they’ve completed and can provide you with references, so you can get a sense of their work quality and whether they’re the right fit for your project.

Our Top Suggestion

  1. I will provide you premium fivem qbcore server nopixel inspired
  2. I will develop fivem server based on qbus qbcore framework
  3. I will provide you fivem server on qbcore qb fw nopixel inspired
  4. I will make a custom fivem server with your preference or bug fixes

List of All FiveM Developers for Hire

1) Amanullahmenan

Amanullahmenan FiveM Developer

Amanullah is a professional Fivem developer from Bangladesh. Since September 2016, Amanullah has successfully delivered his FiveM development services on Fiverr. So far, To date, Amanullah’s work has earned 271 5-star ratings from satisfied customers.

It also demonstrates Amanullah’s customer satisfaction and work quality. As a result, Amanullah is a Level One seller on Fiverr.

Amanullah is an expert in FiveM server assistance, set up a FiveM server, fixing bugs, installing scripts, map creation, modding, scripting, optimization, better resolution, and better performance in-game.

There is a 15-hour average response time from Amanullah, and he has excellent communication abilities. He’s been working on the FiveM server for 3 years. He is skilled enough to create, modify, and optimize any type of script for the Fivem server.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Amanullahmenan
  1. I will install mini games in your fivem roleplay server
  2. I will provide a custom vehicle pack fivem server
  3. I will support for fivem bug fixing and customization

2) Antonolofsso830

Antonolofsso830 FiveM Expert

Anton is a skilled Swedish Fivem developer, and most of his profile is about FiveM-related technologies. Anton has been giving his professional services as a Fivem developer since joining Fiverr in February 2019. He created a 660 custom cars bundle in FiveM and sells it to his consumers.

Anton has 76 reviews with a 5-star rating for his work. His clients appreciate his service and the high quality of his work. He can also guide with FiveM database design, FiveM Server assistance, FiveM server configuration, issue fixes, and script installation. He also provides CFG for all of the cars and SQL for the vehicle shop.

Anton responds quickly, with an average response time of 2 hours. Anton is a highly recommended FiveM developer because of his good work quality, quick response times, and great customer service. You can discuss your work delivery duration with him by interacting with him.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Antonolofsso830
  1. I will give you a 600 custom car pack for fivem

3) Syadalihaider

Syad - Qbus and ESX server expert

Syad is a Fivem Roleplay Qbus and ESX server expert from Pakistan. He provides excellent services in the design of FiveM Roleplays, Qbus programming, and server installation. He has 371 positive reviews and ratings on Fiverr for his work. Also on Fiverr, he’s earned the seller badge for level two.

It also demonstrates Syad’s excellent client service and work quality. He can build a high-end ESX server. Create premium scripts such as Kashacters, Motels, Advance banking, Car dealer advanced, New robbery, New drug system, Advance phone, Premium addons, CCTV camera, Store robbery, New door locks, and tokovoip, then deploy the server on a Windows VPS or a localhost.

His average response time is one hour. He has extensive knowledge and experience in developing premium ESX roleplay servers and unique roleplay scripts.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Syadalihaider
  1. I will create a fivem roleplay esx server with premium scripts
  2. I will create a fivem roleplay qbus server with premium scripts
  3. I will setup your new or existing discord server professionally
  4. I will give you fivem custom clothes pack

4) Dolagaming

Anil - Fivem scripting and development professional

Anil is Indian Fivem scripting and development professional. Anil can provide fiveM server scripting and development services. Since November of 2019, Anil has been providing Fivem scripting and programming services on fiver.

Anil has 97 positive reviews with a Five Star rating on Fiverr. He’s a fantastic Fiverr script developer with a Five Star rating who has been delivering outstanding work for many years. A Fivem script developer with exceptional Fivem scripting and development talents, Anil, is the best choice for your project.

As a fivem server developer, Anil is capable of completing projects and creating premium scripts, as well as fixing and maintaining existing scripts.

He can give scripts for all types of fivem servers, qbus servers, native servers, and modders, as well as a free script if necessary.

Anil is skilled in features such as building creation, environment design, item production, map creation, mod creation, ad integration, Gaming mode addition, reskinning, and modding. Anil’s average response time is 7 hours, but this varies based on the number of queries in the queue.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Dolagaming
  1. I will provide full fivem qbus server
  2. I will optimize your fivem server scripts
  3. I will design a professional discord server for you

5) Stormshadow_333

Stormshadow - FiveM Script Developer

Stormshadow is a Pakistani FiveM Script Developer. FiveM script creator Stormshadow has more than 16 FiveM servers. Stormshadow is well-versed on the FiveM server and has provided excellent service to his Fiverr clients.

His customers’ enthusiastic feedback reflects the high quality of his work. He has 637 reviews, all of which are five stars. Stormshadow’s abilities include selling, updating, modifying, creating, and developing LUA or FiveM Server scripts.

He can also develop a FiveM ESX server with premium scripts, an ESX server installation, an anti-cheat for your FiveM server, and a launcher for your FiveM server.

He also managed over 300 scripts, maps, cars, skins, and mods on FiveM servers. Stormshadow is capable of providing his clients with high-quality services that they will be delighted with. Stormshadow’s typical response time is 1 hour.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Stormshadow_333
  1. I will create a fivem esx server with premium scripts
  2. I will create anticheat for your fivem server
  3. I will create modify update, fivem server scripts mlos vehicles
  4. I will create launcher for your fivem server

6) Arogyamagar

Arogya- Expert QBUS Core developer and Fivem

Arogya is an expert QBUS Core developer and Fivem specialist from Nepal. Arogya has been a Fiverr member since August 2020. Arogya has done excellent work on the QBus QBCore Framework and the FiveM server. He can write, alter, and optimize any form of a script for the QBus QBCore Framework and the FiveM server.

Arogya’s knowledge of the QBUS/QBCore Framework will leave you speechless. He  Can design QBUS framework scripts/servers, correct bugs, and give police ems and mdt for qbus qbcore fivem server, custom fivem server of your desire.

He will also perform activities like  Port forwarding, txAdmin setup, the FiveM server setup, server reboot timers setup, xampp database.  Arogya has delivered several orders and received 200+ 5-star reviews since joining Fiverr. He’s a gifted individual who’s already proven himself on Fiverr to be an asset.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Arogyamagar
  1. I will provide you premium fivem qbcore server nopixel inspired
  2. I will develop fivem server based on qbus qbcore framework
  3. I will provide you fivem server on qbcore qb fw nopixel inspired
  4. I will make a custom fivem server with your preference or bug fixes
  5. I will install fivem qbus qbcore server on your vps and gameserver
  6. I will provide police ems and mdt for qbus qbcore fivem server

7) Kattacreations

Prabudda- FiveM developer

Prabudda is a Sri Lankan FiveM developer. He developed Ymap, a mapping tool for Fivem. He has setup a number of different services for his clients. For your Fivem server, you can get a free custom mlo, ymap, logo, loading screen, and billboards.

Prabudda has been a Fiverr seller since December of 2019. To date, he has received 53 Five Star evaluations for his work. He is an expert in server administration and the lead developer of a role-playing game. He can setup Qb core server with no pixel-based, vMenu mod server.

Other services include the creation of Ymaps, the provision of custom scripts, and the provision of 300+ custom vehicles with a shared Lua server setup.

His typical response time is one hour, and you’ll begin working with him as soon as you place your purchase. He is incredibly dependable and provides high-quality FiveM development services to clients and businesses.

FiveM Gigs Offer By Kattacreations
  1. I will develope fivem server with qbcore,vmenu based,qb nopixel
  2. I will setup and fix qbcore fivem servers
  3. I will provide fivem exclusive eup clothes pack and car pack

What is FiveM Development?

FiveM is an open-source platform for mobile game developers that combines the best features of Lua, Unity, Cocos2d-x, Google Play Game Services, and many other useful technologies.

The platform can be used to create cross-platform online games for iOS, and Android.  The FiveM platform is free and available for everyone to use, so you can also create your FiveM development account and start creating amazing games.

You will receive access to the full set of tools and resources that allow you to create your own games on top of the platform. FiveM has more than tons of projects already available on the platform, including a variety of mobile games and applications.

What are the technologies are used for FiveM Development?

FiveM is built using the following technologies:

  • Lua scripting language
  • C#
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL

The ESX/Qbus frameworks can be used to speed up the development of the FiveM project.

Does FiveM require Dedicated Server Hosting?

Yes, FiveM requires dedicated server hosting. It is not possible to play FiveM without dedicated server hosting. The configuration and size of the hosting server will be determined by your business needs and can be customized to fit them.

An update for NoPixel, one of FiveM’s largest servers, which costs approximately $10,000 per month in hosting fees, caused Grand Theft Auto V to become the most-watched category on Twitch earlier this month.

Does use a FiveM server requires a license?

If you wish to run a FiveM server, then you will need to obtain a license first. The good news is that you won’t have to pay anything, as free servers that support up to 32 players are available to everyone. Servers with 33-64 players have a monthly charge of $15, while servers with 65-128 players have a monthly fee of $50.

What should you consider for FiveM devs for hire?

The candidate must have a deep understanding of FiveM development and what is required. Hiring the right expert for your project will save you a significant amount of money and time. This will help ensure that you receive the expected results from your project.

The individual should have a portfolio website or games created in FiveM. A person should be able to design a prototype game from the ground up.

When you hire a FiveM Developer from Fiverr, you can check how old the profile is. Also, how many orders the person successfully delivered and whether or not the reviews are positive.

Hope our list of fiveM server developer for hire will be helpful for you for choosing right person for next project.

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